Smart Film – For Those Who Take Office Privacy Seriously 

Smart Film – For Those Who Take Office Privacy Seriously 

Having appropriate partitions is an essential feature of any office space. You’ll need individual cabins for employees. Partitions/separations should be accompanied by blinds or curtains to ensure privacy touch digital signage. Having translucent partitions can ensure some amount of privacy, but as the transparency decreases, the lighting in the room suffers. Therefore, offices are left with curtains as the only option for privacy. 

Is there a problem with blinds and curtains? Well, these materials do ensure privacy. But they attract a lot of dirt. It may interfere with the cleanliness of the office. Also, they are high-maintenance. One has to ensure that curtains are regularly cleaned/replaced. 

Thanks to innovation in technology, offices no more have to rely on blinds or curtains for privacy in cabins. What is the new solution? 

Smart Privacy Glass Fire Rated — SMART PRIVACY GLASS

Say hi to smart/switchable film!

We all are well-aware of the importance of privacy in office. Smart film is an innovation that allows offices to implement privacy at a low-cost. If you have a cabin surrounded by a smart film, you can control its transparency with a single switch digital signage solution Malaysia. It eliminates the need for curtains or blinds. 

Just as you can make a partition opaquer, you can get it back to its transparent state. Thus, you have privacy at your convenience. Not to forget the elegant look that glass partitions carry! 

Apart from privacy, the smart film provides a host of other advantages. 

Other advantages of smart film

  • Lighting remains unaffected

Often, having a curtain for privacy would mean a compromise with the lighting. Bu a smart film lets most of the natural light pass through it. Therefore, your room/cabin will be well-lit while you get maximum privacy as and when you need. Thus, smart film can be a way to reduce energy consumption in your office. Due to the availability of more natural light, you do not need artificial lighting for a good part of the day.

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  • Easy maintenance

A smart film provides the same amount of privacy as traditional means, but at a lower cost and maintenance. Unlike blinds that can catch dust or curtains that need to be washed regularly, smart films are a cleaner choice. Even though you do not spend more on a smart film’s maintenance, you get a lot in return. 

  • A multi-purpose product

A smart film is not just for privacy. With a switch, you can frost the glass for privacy. But you can also use it as a display for digital advertisements or banners. 

Does your office need a smart film?

Privacy in office spaces is a common requirement across sectors. With a smart film, you have an option to switch to a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for privacy. Given the benefits of bright natural light, a healthy and hygienic environment, multi-purpose use and the ease of handling the transparency, it is the best privacy solution for all companies. Moreover, a smart film also gives a sophisticated look to the whole office. Be it employees or your clients – everyone is sure to love a space with smart film partitions.