Why Renting Office Furniture Is A Good Idea

We live in a time where credit seems to be the norm and taking home things that you don’t immediately have to pay for is bliss! While some might point out the negative side of credit, others may beg to differ. It all comes down to the reasons why you choose to use credit and how you maintain your budget. Some use credit because they prefer to have cash at hand for emergencies and will rather pay a small amount off on an account per month. While this may seem like a bad idea over the long term, it can help a lot in the short term. When it comes to renting office furniture you can apply the same principles, and even though you will not be the owner of the furniture at the end of the lease you could still have gained a lot from renting instead of buying.

Reasons Why Renting Office Furniture Can Be A Great Idea:

Your Budget Is Stretched To The Max

Buying office furniture can make a huge dent out of your capital and if you were not prepared for this expense it could be a really bad decision to buy. Renting office furniture can help preserve capital and can give you the peace of mind that there is still money in the bank for future needs or emergencies.

Your Staffing Needs May Shrink Or Expand

If you own a business where you regularly take on new staff or let staff go, you will greatly benefit from renting furniture instead of buying. Renting will enable you to keep up with the needs of your company and will ensure that you won’t have a surplus of furniture around the office that you don’t use.

You Need Flexibility

Many of us have the perfect image in our heads of what we would like our office to look like. When buying furniture you may end up being unhappy with the way your office looks, or you may realize that the furniture you bought does not contribute to efficiency in your business and that you need more filing space or bigger desks. Renting will allow you more flexibility as you can use different kinds of furniture to see what will suit your needs. Whenever you are unhappy you can call the rental company to see whether you can switch your current rentals with something more suitable.

You Want Great Quality But Can’t Afford It

When buying office furniture you will only be able to buy things that fit in your budget. And in most cases, the high-quality furniture will be unaffordable when you have to buy for a whole office. Renting eliminates this problem as you will only be paying a small monthly fee and can get great quality at an affordable price.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Used Furniture

Most of us spend at least eight hours a day working and chances are that you continue to work even after leaving the workplace. With work filling such a huge part of the average person’s life it is only logical to ensure that the workplace is as comfortable and stimulating as possible.

When you decide to create a home office or to purchase furniture for your company you will need to know a little bit about the durability, strength, and uses of the different kinds of office furniture available. Buying used furniture has many advantages, but places more stress on the importance of ensuring that the furniture you buy will last and will help create a professional and efficient office environment.

What Suits Your Interests?

We all like different things and the look you might have in mind for your office can be put to realization if you shop around. When it comes to wooden furniture the choices are endless and lucky for you, you will be able to find a lot of different desks, chairs, and storage items in yard sales and online.

Often the problem that arises with used furniture is that you might not be able to find a lot of similar items to put in your office. If this is the case it would help to space things out in your office and to decorate cleverly so you can make it look like you were going for a diverse look. Another way to fix this problem is by buying the same make of furniture; if you bought a pine desk then make sure that all of the other furniture in your office is pine as well.

What Is The Most Durable Furniture To Buy?

When buying something you want it to last, otherwise you will need to use the money you saved from buying used furniture to buy new pieces in the future. The type of furniture you buy will depend on your budget and tastes. Pine is a softwood that is very light and inexpensive and when put together correctly it will make your office look great at a minimal cost. Furniture made of Hardwoods is heavy and generally lasts longer. Oak and teak are hardwoods but are generally more expensive.

What kind Of Checks Should You Do?

Before buying a piece of furniture you need to ensure that it is big enough for the purpose you have in mind for it. Also, consider the size of the office so you will be able to move around freely and that all of your files and work items will fit.

Buying a desk or storage item with faulty drawers will surely irritate you and therefore you need to check drawers and doors before agreeing to buy. If there is something wrong you could fix it and offer to buy the piece at a lower price. Always remember that the great thing about wooden furniture is that almost any problem can be fixed, and it does not have to be expensive.

How To Make Used Furniture Seem Like New

Buying second-hand furniture is a great idea to help save money and will enable you to buy more for less. When it comes to your office, you want to create a professional environment where you can feel at ease and get as much work done as possible. Buying second-hand furniture is a great idea to help save capital, but you will have to make sure that your office won’t look second-hand by repairing and restoring furniture to its original condition. This will make a good impression on clients and will give your office that professional sparkle!

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Problems You Can Come Across When Buying Second-Hand Furniture:


Light scratches on furniture can be fixed through regular maintenance; use furniture polish to gently rub the scratch so it will be less obvious. Regular maintenance of your furniture will leave the wood shiny and will also prevent further damage. If the furniture has a lot of scratches or has been scuffed, then you will need to use sandpaper to buff out the scratch marks.

For deep scratches that cannot be fixed through polish or sanding, you will need to use a wax stick.


Buying a piece of dented furniture does not mean that it has to stay dented forever. Even though a dent might seem impossible to repair it can be really easy and inexpensive.

It might come as a surprise that iron and a damp cloth can fix small dents in your wooden furniture. Just put a dripping wet cloth on top of the dent and then leave the hot iron on for a minimum of 60 seconds. The wood will then swell and fill out the dent. Never did you think it could be this easy!

For bigger dents in painted furniture, you will need to visit the hardware store and buy paint fillers to finish off the dent after using the ironing method.

Water Stains

The most common thing you will come across when buying used furniture is water stains. While most of us have coasters, very few of us use them, and knowing how to remove water stains will help you with those incidences in the future as well. Once again when it comes to fixing this problem, iron seems to be the answer. Simply use a dry shirt or cloth, put it over the stain, and iron out the watermark.

Finishing Off Your New Used Furniture

After fixing all of the dents, scratches, or water stains, you can make sure that your furniture will look brand new by either giving it a new coat of paint or by applying varnish. Before painting or varnishing, you need to sand off the previous paint or varnish and you need to give the wood a smooth surface. When painting you need to remember that you should work in layers; layer the piece of furniture with thin layers of paint and afterward add the varnish to give it that special shine.